Imetrading is a North-Western EU based warehousing and stockholding trading company with business connections throughout the EU. We work with a few permanently selected manufacturers who have contacted and selected us for the responsible assignment of distribution their products in the EU.

We've got their confidence and this is equally so from our side which creates a pleasant and professional working atmosphere. As a trading company, we also play an involved role in the development of new products if there are signals from the market. In addition to distribution, we keep an eye on the competition and tweak our business in such a way that we continue to grow or that we are able to maintain our position in the market. Our dedicated attention to our partners products and interests gives us the favourable edge.

In short, we are more than just a logistics partner or often cynically called 'box pusher'. It's our involved role in the entire process that is so appreciated by our partners. We distribute a wide variety of products that sometimes need technical or other skilled guidance to enter and survive the strictly regulated EU market.

Our manufacturing partners are based
 in Europe, Middle East and China. 

For all our distribution we use the official websites of our manufacturing partners who have the responsibility to keep the information updated and clear. For more detailed information about a potential cooperation with us, we ask you to send us an email or give us a call at below phone number.


Contact details

+31 40 262 42 71


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